Occupational Therapy Addresses the Practical!

It’s spring, and for many that means time to clean! Cleaning doesn’t need to be an adults-only task; there can be many benefits to getting your child involved, too! So grab an extra set of supplies, and learn more about how cleaning can help their development. Cleaning helps your child to: Practice gross motor skills … Read more

Social Thinking as an intregral part of Occupational Therapy treatment

There are some great new resources in this Social Thinking newsletter, including collections of items and tools to try. http://view.email.socialthinking.com/?qs=689fc7fb1ff2306b1023bb0c001e8943464664b82ec9b50f301718485f88115df11f1c1f46a36460fbfe3b3054ab9d3caf56d403c482e29099db31c8b5f3493eb0b0ba117dcacd553a42d760dd4da2d1